From Star Wars to Star Chores for the Man Who Played Darth Vader

Holywood actor Spencer Wilding goes back to his roots cleaning windows. Photos: Geoff Abbott Holywood actor Spencer Wilding goes back to his roots cleaning windows. Photos: Geoff Abbott
A high-flying Hollywood actor who played the iconic Star Wars' villain Darth Vader in Rogue One will be coming down to earth to make ends meet.
Spencer Wilding has featured in several blockbusters including Batman Begins, Harry Potter, Men in Black, Game of Thrones and Dr Who.
But a slump in the film industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic has left the star no choice but to return to his roots as a doorman and window cleaner.
On Friday dad of three Spencer, 48, completed an SIA course to become a licensed doorman in his home town of Rhyl and county of Denbighshire.
Spencer said he will also look at going back to his roots as a window cleaner and a cleaning round he started thirty years ago.
He said:
"I was seventeen when I first started cleaning windows and I used to ride around on my bike with the ladders on my shoulder
"It will be nice to see some of my old customers so long as they make me a bacon butty.
"There's nothing wrong with window cleaning, it's relaxing and you're outdoors.
"I have to look after my kids and I'm still very grounded about making a living.
"At the moment I'm setting it all up and I'll be working on the doors to buy the equipment I need for it.
"I was a good doorman and parents would say to me 'if you're on the door I know my kids will be safe'.
"There's nothing wrong with being a doorman or a window cleaner and it's wrong to look down on these kinds of jobs.
"I have two teenage sons and a 27-year-old daughter and we all have to make a living.
"My heart and passion is in the film industry and if my kids want to take over the window cleaning when I go back to it that's fine.
"The film world is quieter and I haven't worked for nearly eight months and that was for Doctor Who.
"It hurts my feelings when I see reports saying I've 'turned my back on Hollywood' or 'quit Hollywood' because that's wrong.
"The film world is not broken, it's just like any business out there and it's taken a hit because of the pandemic
"But until the government allows people to get back together we won't be able to make films.
"We have to follow the guidelines until we get the green light again to go back to work.
"The film industry is my passion, my world, and I've been doing it for seventeen years.
"It's an amazing world and the people I work with are like my family.
"We're all human beings and you have to do what you have to do."
Spencer, right, and his uncle Billie Gizzie who also
influenced his fighting career

Spencer first found fame as a "formidable" professional kickboxer and was influenced by his uncle Carl Gizzi who had a huge following in the 1960s.
Carl Gizzi, from Rhyl, was the Welsh heavyweight champion from 1965-71 and is considered one of North Wales' top ten greatest boxers.
"My uncle Carl was a great boxer and went the distance with Joe Bugner and sparred with Muhammed Ali when he was here to fight Henry Cooper," said Spencer.
"When he fought there would be extra trains put on because he had that many fans who wanted to see him fight.
"He was a massive inspiration for me and when he wasn't fighting he went back to window cleaning and that's what I'm doing because we're all in the same boat," he said.
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