Young man Droy, tragically died from road accident

From North Wales Police: The young man who tragically died following a road traffic collision involving two vehicles on Saturday 4th of June 2022 has...


Funding secured for further active travel improvements in the county

1 July 2022 Powys County Council have secured further Welsh Government funding to extend and improve the active travel routes within the county. Committed to improving facilities for residents wishing to make short journeys on foot or by bike, the council have been working with communities to find potential active travel routes across Powys. Through

Cameron Hassan sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape

A man who filmed himself raping a woman on his victim’s phone has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Cameron Hassan, aged 31, of...

Teenager arrested – Stabbing incident, Mayhill

A 58 year old man was taken to hospital after an alleged stabbing attack during the early hours of yesterday morning. An 18 year old...
Road arrangements announced for big weekend of sport

Road arrangements announced for big weekend of sport

They will affect parts of the city centre's waterfront on Saturday, August 6, and a wider expanse of the city's seafront and Gower, including the A4118 and B4271 roads, on Sunday, August 7. Thousands of leaflets, including route maps and road closure schedules, have been mailed to local householders by organisers of the Volvo 2022

DVLA providing free recycled IT equipment to school children in Swansea

School children across Swansea will receive recycled IT equipment thanks to an innovative digital partnership between DVLA and Swansea Council.   IT equipment has been donated...

A walk around Swansea on a gloomy day

A video showing a walk around Swansea on a gloomy day. Video from youtube channel: This is Swansea

M4 Lorry fire – Prince of Wales Bridge

Thick plumes of smoke can be seen for miles from a lorry fire on the Price of Wales Bridge (M4). Emergency services attended the...

Edward George Bowen – pioneer of radar

Edward George Bowen (nickname Taffy) was born on January 14, 1912 in Cockett, Swansea. He was responsible for inventing and developing radar between 1935...

Kenfig Natural Nature Reserve – Destroyed by bikes

Kenfig natural nature reserve has made photos showing how bikes have torn up the land causing devastation. This is not how you should treat a...

Christopher Kapessa death – family appealing for justice

Death of Christopher Kapessa Christopher Kapessa died at the age of 13 in the River Cynon on 1 July 2019. Family and representatives said the police...

Bridge Street Newbridge – Assault on 10th June

Officers would like to speak to anyone who was in Bridge Street, near Newbridge Comprehensive School, at around 10.30am on Friday 10 June. From Gwent...

Motorcyclists dies from road accident in Llanwern, Newport

A motorcyclist aged 27 has sadly died in hospital after being involved in an accident on Queensway, Llanwern. A spokesperson from Gwent Police said: " A Gwent...


National News from Wales

Welsh government – Energy drink ban for under 16s a possibility

Despite many reports of the Welsh Government banning tea and coffee for the under 16s, this is not true. It the consultation documents there...

National News from United Kingdom

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The life of Boris Johnson – showing his lies, tyrrany, sexist,...

A video showing the incompetence and lies of Boris Johnson along with his racism and sexism.

The Tories have always borrowed more than Labour, and always repaid...

It is often suggested that Labour is profligate and the Tories are the naturally ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to running the...

Rosie Holt (comedian) showing how ridiculous Boris Johnson is in his...

Boris Johnson's inability to determine whether he was at a party or that of a work gathering should raise questions. One main question is that...

Conservative government wasting money on facebook ads in effort to try...

Priti Patel spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to sell the public her “cynical” plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda,Between £38,000 and...


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